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2022 Songwriter Awards

Announcement Party


This year we're doing things a little different from the previous few years.

We had a winners announcement party at our place, which you could watch LIVE on our Facebook Page.

It's still there so go check it out.

We'll have an Awards Presentation at a later date. 

Hosted By Paul Castoe & Revele, our Colorado Chapter Leaderwe played some music, announced all the winners, and had some fun!

The 2022 TSAI Songwriter Award Winners are:


Category 1:

My Name is Hope

Judy Klass

Category 2:

Johnnie Walker Blue

Sharon Cookson, Dave Smith

Category 3:

Speak To Me

Corey Lee Barker, Mark Barnowski, Tracy Cain

Category 4:

When I'm Holding You

Joe DeLucas, Melissa Lee

Category 5:

Baby You Sleigh Me

Corey Lee Barker, Mark Barnowski, Randy Barnette, Hailey Puckett

Song Of The Year:

Hand It Over

Cindy Mechem, Keesy Timmer, Toni Wortherly

Record/Cut Of The Year:


(Artist, Brooke Butler)

Brooke Butler, Courtney Bumbacher, Meg Rilley

Songwriter Of The Year:

Corey Lee Barker


Congratulations to all winners,

Here's looking to a fantastic rest of the year

Down At TSAI
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