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2021 TSAI Songwriter Awards

Updated: May 3, 2021

Once again coming from

The Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville,

this year's Awards were exciting!

Still dealing with a few restrictions,

we were Blessed and honored to have

the Nashville Cowboy Church Band joining us.

Co-hosted by Paul and Kelsea again, we started

off with an Invocation by Kelsea.

The Band kicked off the music with 2 songs,

featuring Sandi Kay and Paul Sparks.

Our first guest was R.T. Johnson,

and he had a surprise for us!

A while back, some of us wrote a new,

more Traditional, theme song.

Called “Down At TSAI”, R.T. did it for us LIVE!

Followed by his newest single

“Feel Good Again”,

then the nominated song “Your Love Won't Let Me Cheat”

that he is still charting with.

Next was Jimmy Parker doing the TSAI member-written

“I Can Feel The Rain Comin”, which was the

number 1 song on the Josie Radio year-end countdown

a couple years ago. Then his current hit

“Live Before I Die”.

Then Jimmy and Kelsea presented the Category 1 Award

to Marilyn Crawley for “Today At Three”

The runner-up was a tie between

“Say Something” by Doug Erickson and Betty Miller,

and “Love Sweet Love” by Frank Prenevost

Then we enjoyed some acoustic music,

2 songs by Rick Tiger, 2 by Ava Paige,

1 by Brooke Butler, and Brooke helped Kelsea

present the Category 2 Award to

Dale Allen, Corey Lee Barker, and Mark Barnowski

for “Watchin' You Be You”

Runner-up was “Love Her Out Loud”

by Charles Wong.

Paul announced earlier that the Board decided in March

that this year's winning songs will not

be eligible for next year's Awards.

We clearly have some great songs,

and we want you to continue to pitch them,

but we also want more opportunities for others.

They will be eligible the following year

if still being pitched.

Then the TSAI Hall of Fame Inductees were announced.

For 2021, Dave Nowlen and Thornton Cline.

Mr. Cline was present to accept, that was fun.

We were again streaming LIVE on Majiik,

and it is still archived for you. To get the app,

text “TSAI” to 888-255-0077, accept,

pick the event you want and purchase.

All TSAI events will be $10 unless noted otherwise.

Our movement “Real Country Music On Radio”

is gaining momentum. If you want to help us

convince Billboard, Radio, the Labels,

and other Awards organizations to recognize 2

separate Country Music formats,

Pop and Traditional, go to our


Get a wristband, donate, tell everyone!

We were also being recorded for future broadcast

on NCTVN, the Nashville Country Television Network.

The Band returned and we heard

Daniel Curtis & Awaken The Dawn,

and 2 more from the Band featuring

Tom Campbell and Mike Dunbar.

Our next guest was Sha' Cross for 1 song,

and she then presented the Category 3

Award to Paul and Kelsea Castoe

for “River Of Blessing”

Runner-up was “Sunday Crowd”

by Erin McLendon and Rick Huckaby

Melissa Lee performed the nominated song

“Cold December”, and then our special guest

Billy Sheehan presented The Category 4

Award to Joe DeLucas and Melissa Lee

for “Cold December”

Runner-up was “Christmas Trees Need Love Too”

by Sharon Cookson, Paul Castoe, Aaron Rodgers.

Then, well then...

Joe challenged the “World Famous Bass Player”

Billy Sheehan to a “Bass-off”!

Bets were flyin' about the house as they jammed,

but alas...

Joe is no slouch though, and very much held his own!

Josie and Tina-Marie from The Josie Network

presented our next 2 Awards

2021 TSAI Song of the Year went to

Travis Pommer and Dale Allen

for “Happy Go Lucky Guy”

Runner-up, another tie!

“Watchin' You Be You” Allen, Barker, Barnowski

“Ain't That What Livin' Is”, MaryBeth Stone, Bonnie Warren

“The Ones That Protect Our Home”, Joe Geppi

and 2021 TSAI Record of the Year to

Dale Allen, Bob McCormick, Bill Floweree

for Chick-a Boom Back!

Runner-up here was

“Your Love Won't Let Me Cheat”

by Lowery Maceina and Paul Castoe

Then we had a special BIG FINALE end to the Show!

JC Cole did “I Still Miss Someone”, joined by

our special guest Joanne Cash Yates!

She gave us an on your feet, hand-clapping version of

“I've Got Jesus In My Soul”

We all then presented the

2021 TSAI Songwriter of the Year Award to

Dale Allen!

Second place, Paul Castoe

Third Place, A Tie! Doug Erickson & Marilyn Crawley

Then ending it all with everyone on Stage ,

led by Joanne Cash Yates, on

“Will The Circle Be Unbroken”!

Many thanks to

The Texas Troubadour Theatre, all our guests,

Majiik Media, all our volunteers,

And YOU!

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