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NEWSLETTER 3-18-23 (click to open)

BIG thanks to Steve Bloch this

past Tuesday, he stayed an

extra 90 minutes to hear

and critique the songs!

And picked up 11!

He also does one-on-one

mentoring sessions, too!

Steve has a wealth of

knowledge and experience to

share, these are fantastic!

The 2023 TSAI

Songwriter Awards

will be Saturday, April 29

at Sam Ash in Madison!

2-5 pm, family friendly,

tickets available soon!

Make your plans NOW!

If you are a current member, you

should have received your

email Ballot from

Please follow the instructions.

Open it.

Go to password protected Members

page on our website

and listen to the nominated songs.

Type your selections into

the body of the email and reply.

DO NOT REPLY with a question or

that will count as your Ballot!

Any correspondence should go

to our regular email.

If you're not a current Member,


Back up to the Home Page

and follow instructions


Pitch procedure change.

This will effect only Pitches when

our guest is in the room.

Designed to try to accommodate

everyone, it's now as follows;

Round 1

Everyone will be asked to email

1 song request, (title)

Songs must be received by

that Monday, 4PM Central.

We CAN NOT Guarantee any

songs received after this time.

Round 2, (if there is one)

Only members attending,

either in the room or on fb.

Since your songs are coming from

our Playlist, you can choose any

song you want now.

Any possible subsequent Rounds

In the room only

As always, you may get multiple Pitches

if you're writing with other members.

This week's Meeting

Craft of writing Workshop


The Shiner Song Contest

is running through the

end of March!

Great opportunity,

partnering with Veva Sound,

Martina McBride, Paul Worley,

and Wendy Moten

TSAI has a QR code!

Takes ya right to our website, how

cool is THAT!

(of course, you're on the site now, but..)


TSAI YouTube Channel

"TSAI Nashville" on YouTube

"Songwriters Workshop Tips from TSAI"

Be sure to check them out!

We're planning a new one every Tuesday

Great for Chapter leaders, too!


We have another NEW

TSAI Around Town event at Sam Ash!

Every Wednesday afternoon, 3-5

"Play With The Band" day!

The Ashtones will be playing originals,

covers, and WITH YOU if

you can bring a chart!

And remember the TSAI

Artist and Songwriter Showcase at

Sam Ash Stores, Madison, Tn!

Every Saturday afternoon 2-5 pm

First half hour is open mic, winner gets

added to 20 minute showcase spot!

Audience vote, bring your friends!

To book, contact

Steve Stern

Richard Trest


TSAI channel on Nashville Country Television Network

Our Around Town shows and Awards Shows

are up now, with more coming!

You may need to add NCTVN to your ROKU

On the Home page, scroll down past the

premier networks to "Add a Channel"

Type Nashville Country Television in the search box

select the Logo on the right, and let it load.

Scroll across to the TSAI Channel, and enjoy!

We're under "TV Shows".

TSAI has a NEW Domain Name!

Same website, just a new address,

Please begin using this, it will help make

us easier to find on search engines.

(old ones still work, too)

We are open most weekdays,

for songwriting, 10 am to 4 pm.


If you are looking for songs, just email TSAI at when you want to come by!

TSAI is partnering with our friend

(Award Winning Hit Writer) Chris Wallin,

to get you his fantastic "Building Great Songs!"

See our Home page for details, TSAI members get

a discount, too!

Click on the Members Page Tab

and use the password you were given

to vote for your Awards ballot.

If you didn't receive a password and are a current member,

Remember, you are now on our website.

Back up and look around!

"Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home..."

Please remember to use the Amazon links on our

website when you're on-line shopping.

Going to Amazon from our site helps TSAI!

Meeting Calendar

Tuesday 3-21-23

Craft of Writing Workshop

7 pm


- Saturdays -

Sam Ash Store in Madison

2-5 pm


Richard Trest

Steve Stern

- Wednesdays -

Sam Ash Store 3-5 pm

"Play With The Band"

The Ashtones, and maybe YOU!


If you're in the SW Virginia area, and want to go to the TSAI Chapter meeting,

contact Brooke McGrady at 540-312-1593

Special news for our performing members! If you're looking for a great option for

merch, contact our sponsor Helen's Pop Art! We have worked out a deal for you

as a member of TSAI! Links above and on the website.

TSAI has a new Chapter in Colorado!

Contact Revele at

Remember, TSAI has Chapters in Las Vegas and Cincinnati, and a new one

starting up in Virginia, too.


You can now use Venmo for all your purchases at TSAI! Awards Show tickets,

membership renewals, Real Country Music On Radio wristbands, donations...

TSAI now has an active Instagram account! TSAI Nashville

And don't forget Twitter: TennesseesongW1


TSAI needs help with: IT, website development, Blog writing, photography,

social media, accounting, and more. If you'd like to get involved,

we'd love to have you! SHARE-(Volunteer) YOUR SKILLS!


available at

Please help us convince Radio there should be 2 separate

Country music formats, Pop Country and Traditional Country

Twice as much room for all of us!


Some other

recommended Recording Studios

Pat Lassiter

John Heinrich

If you are looking to edit your video footage, or you'd like stage footage of

your event reach out to Joe @Shocker Editing

It can be individual songs turned into music videos or an entire television show.

Tennessee Songwriters Association, International


2416 Music Valley Dr, Nashville Tn 37214 #133

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Mar 20, 2023

When do you post the song Steve Bloch took with him? I have looked all over the place and can not find the list he took ..I think only 11 of them. Pat

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