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Updated: Apr 5

4-06-2022 Meeting: TSAI Jammin' By The Creek Opening for Cash Creek Club @ Scoreboard 4:30pm-9pm 4/6/2022 Featuring: Steve Stern & Tammy Sue Taylor for TSAI

Jamie O'Neal is Cash Creek's featured guest

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TSAI is partnering with our friend (Award Winning Hit Writer) Chris Wallin to get you his

fantastic "Building Great Songs!"

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April 20th We will have a pitch. Sandy Ramos from Song Tuners will meet us virtually from

7-9pm cst She is looking for GREAT SONGS to give to her team of pluggers and artists. No Specific Genre just Hits. Please send in your 2 pitch requests starting NOW to

Submissions will stop being accepted April 18 at Noon CST Don't wait! Get your songs submitted now

Sad to announce the passing of Jim Sylvis. Past President of TSAI for many years, he kept us going through many changes in the business and is missed very much.

We also regret the passing of TSAI Friend Jeff Carson. Jeff has played a few TSAI related shows and will also be missed

We are also saddened to announce that TSAI member Jerry Collins also passed away. Jerry submitted and pitched some great songs with us. He will be missed

The 2022 TSAI Songwriter Awards are here!

All Ballots have been counted.

Awards Show Date and Venue will be announced SOON

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