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NEWSLETTER 6-27-21 (click to open)

Pitch-a-Pro this week

Wednesday 6-30-2021 7 pm

We are back to regular in-person meetings EVERY WEDNESDAY!

Guest or not, we'll be here at The Texas Troubadour Theatre every Wednesday.

Discussions, workshops, critiques, all of it. If you're a new member, this is a great

way to network and get started.

Pitch-a-Pro this Wednesday is with The Skyliners! If you've been saying there's

no place for great singers singing great songs, (and considering the latest Toby

Keith & Brantley Gilbert endeavor that's understandable), well here's your chance!

With evolving members, they're recording again! Looking for Motown-sound and

70's style, with great melodies. As always, up-tempo has a better shot, but hey,

anything can be sped up. Even work-tapes will be accepted.

Remember, if we already have your demo in our Playlist,

you don't need to re-send it.

Check out the new Did You Know? page on the website.

If you had any cuts in the past year, please send us the Title, Artist, and a picture.

E-mail We'll try to add them.

Anyone wishing to perform at the Driven By Hope car show in Milan, please contact

Kelsea Castoe at This show is put on by Madison Alexander of

Riveting Rides in Milan. You will also be seeing her in "Two Lane" beer commercials

with Luke Bryan. July 24, 2021.

You may have heard about the changes coming to The Texas Troubadour Theatre.

It's exciting news, it will become a much busier and viable venue to be associated

with. Our pitch meetings will stay in the Green Room for now.


6/28/2021 TSAI Around Town Songwriter Night

The Donelson Pub, Contact Trey Ackerman at

Donelson_Pub_Writers_Night on Instagram

We now have the 4th Monday every month!

6/30/2021 Pitch-a-Pro The Skyliners 7 pm

In-person and on our Facebook page

7/6/2021 TSAI Around Town Songwriter Night

The Rudder in Hendersonville, contact Steve Stern at

We have the first Tuesday each month thru September!

Book your spot soon, they'll go fast!

7/7/2021 Open House Showcase 7 pm Texas Troubadour Theatre

Richard Trest is now hosting!

If you wish to play, email Richard @