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NEWSLETTER 7-25-21 (click to open)

No Meeting this week

The Troubadour has change their plans again, and we won't be using that room for meetings now. It was temporary to get us through last year, and now we're

finalizing a more permanent location. Our office hasn't moved, and we will be

having more meetings there now.

This may be obvious to some, but we still get a lot of questions. You are now on

our website. The link you received dropped you directly on this page, but you can

back up to the Home Page and wander about. In fact, we encourage it!

Check out the new Did You Know? page on the website.

If you had any cuts in the past year, please send us the Title, Artist, and a picture.

E-mail We'll try to add them.

Please remember to use the Amazon links on our website when you're on-line

shopping. Going to Amazon from our site helps TSAI!


7/26/2021 TSAI Around Town Songwriter Night

The Donelson Pub, Contact Trey Ackerman at

Donelson_Pub_Writers_Night on Instagram

We now have the 4th Monday every month!

7/28/2021 Closed for renovations

7/29/2021 TSAI Around Town Songwriter Night

6 pm Twin Kegs, 327 Hermitage Ave

Hosted by Margarita De La Vega, Steve Stern

8/3/2021 TSAI Around Town Songwriter Night

The Rudder in Hendersonville, contact Steve Stern at

We have the first Tuesday each month thru September!

Book your spot soon, they'll go fast!

8/4/2021 Songwriter Workshop 7 pm

3 of the most important things your song needs to do, lyrically.

8/11/2021 Pitch-a-Pro, Bob Dellaposta

In-person and on our Facebook page.

7 pm. A great opportunity for TV and Movie placement.

8/25/2021 Open House Showcase 7 pm

Richard Trest is hosting again!

If you wish to play, email Richard @ or his fb.

Bring your friends! BYOB.