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NEWSLETTER 8-22-22 (click to open)


Beginning NOW, TSAI Weekly Meetings will be

EVERY Tuesday, 7-9 pm, at TSAI

Workshops, critiques, and most pitches, as they come up.

Also guitar pulls, showcases, and more!

Most will be on our website or facebook page.


This week is our OPEN HOUSE SHOWCASE!

Artists from Southern Lights Booking, and

anyone else wishing to perform!

Come check out the new digs!

Sign-up board Tuesday night.

Bring your friends!

Our Pitch-a-Pro had a technical problem last week,

and I want to thank Andrew Marshall for his

patience and effort. He wants to thank everyone

involved, and wishes he had had a chance to interact with you!

Maybe next time!

Congrats to the writers of the 3 songs he picked, too!

Big News! TSAI has been added to the Josies!

Our office will be used for the writing session,

and Stage for some music!

Saturday Oct 22, 12 noon

Pitch opportunity!

Red Country records is looking for

"family friendly" novelty songs for Shellem Cline.

Please send 1 mp3 and lyric sheet to

Recording soon!

We are open most days now, with our Playlist there for Industry access.

10 am to 4 pm.

This will also get more pitch options during the day for you.

Songs Pitched and Songs Picked-up pages will be updated for you, too.


If you are looking for songs, just email TSAI at when you want to come by!

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Any cd's left at TSAI after Sept 1, 2022 will be donated to Tourist stores.

TSAI is partnering with our friend (Award Winning Hit Writer) Chris Wallin to get you his

fantastic "Building Great Songs!"

See our Home page for details, TSAI members get a discount, too!

Click on the Members Page Tab and use the password you were given to vote for your ballot

If you didn't receive a password and are a current member email

Remember, you are now on our website. Back up and look around!

"Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home..."

Please remember to use the Amazon links on our website when you're on-line

shopping. Going to Amazon from our site helps TSAI!

Meeting Calendar

Tuesday 8-23-2022

TSAI Open House Showcase 7-9 pm

Featuring 2 Southern Lights Artists

If you want to play, sign up that night

Tuesday 8-30-2022

Guitar pull, jam

Tuesday 9-6-2022


Southern Lights Booking

3 Artists, info next week

Tuesday 9-27-2022


Artist and Publisher Jeannette Porrazzo