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NEWSLETTER 9-24-22 (click to open)


TSAI Weekly Meetings are now

EVERY Tuesday, 7-9 pm, at TSAI

Workshops, critiques, and most pitches, as they come up.

Also guitar pulls, showcases, and more!

Most will be on our website or facebook page.


Pitch-a-Pro this week!

Please get your 2 requests into us by

Sunday 9-25, noon. We won't be available

to add any last-minute.

TSAI has a NEW Domain Name!

Same website, just a new address,

Please begin using this, it will help make

us easier to find on search engines.

(old ones still work, too)

Big News! TSAI has been added to the Josies!

Our office will be used for the writing session,

and Stage for some music!

Saturday Oct 22, 12 noon

And a Pitch-a-Pro to Josie Awards Artists!

Tuesday before, Oct 18, 7pm

Open to all Awards nominees, any

Artists that know they're coming, please

email us at and we'll

have songs ready for you.

TSAI Around Town Fall schedule is up!

See calendar below, and on the Around Town page

on the website

We are open most days now, with our Playlist there for Industry access.

10 am to 4 pm.

This will also get more pitch options during the day for you.

Songs Pitched and Songs Picked-up pages will be updated for you, too.


If you are looking for songs, just email TSAI at when you want to come by!

TSAI is partnering with our friend (Award Winning Hit Writer) Chris Wallin to get you his

fantastic "Building Great Songs!"

See our Home page for details, TSAI members get a discount, too!

Click on the Members Page Tab and use the password you were given to vote for your ballot

If you didn't receive a password and are a current member email

Remember, you are now on our website. Back up and look around!

"Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home..."

Please remember to use the Amazon links on our website when you're on-line

shopping. Going to Amazon from our site helps TSAI!

Meeting Calendar

Tuesday 9-27-2022


Artist and Publisher Jette Porrazzo

She is recording an album of acoustic songs,

with serious subject matter.

Here's your chance for those Ballads!

Get your requested titles to us

by tmrw (Sunday) noon.

She will be here, and live on our

Facebook page.

Tuesday 10-18-2022

Pitch-a-Pro 7 pm

Josie Awards nominees

Any musical genre


- Every Monday -

Copper Branch 5 - 8:30

601 Church St

Hosted by Bobby Ray


- Every Wednesday -

Bad Axe Throwing Nashville

648 Fogg St 6 - 9 pm

Hosted by Bobby Ray


- Saturdays -

( every 2nd, 4th, and 5th*)

Copper Branch 5 - 8:30

601 Church St

Hosted by Jaye D Marie


- Every Sunday -

Copper Branch 2 - 6 pm

601 Church St

Hosted by Jaye D Marie



If you're in the SW Virginia area, and want to go to the TSAI Chapter meeting,

contact Brooke McGrady at 540-312-1593

Special news for our performing members! If you're looking for a great option for

merch, contact our sponsor Helen's Pop Art! We have worked out a deal for you

as a member of TSAI! Links above and on the website.

TSAI has a new Chapter in Colorado!

Contact Revele at

Remember, TSAI has Chapters in Las Vegas and Cincinnati, and a new one

starting up in Virginia, too.


You can now use Venmo for all your purchases at TSAI! Awards Show tickets,

membership renewals, Real Country Music On Radio wristbands, donations...

TSAI now has an active Instagram account! TSAI Nashville

And don't forget Twitter: TennesseesongW1


For all TSAI events streamed LIVE on Majiik, everyone is able to get the app.

Just text "TSAI" to 888-255-0077, click "GET", click "Activate Card" and that's it!

Our Event will show up on their schedule, and all of our events will show up under

TSAI. Streaming cost will be $10, to Majiik when you order, unless noted otherwise.

Most events will also be archived on Majiik, to watch at a later date, until they are

ready for NCTVN.


TSAI needs help with: IT, website development, Blog writing, photography,

social media, accounting, and more. If you'd like to get involved,

we'd love to have you! SHARE-(Volunteer) YOUR SKILLS!


available at

Please help us convince Radio there should be 2 separate

Country music formats, Pop Country and Traditional Country

Twice as much room for all of us!


Some other

recommended Recording Studios

Pat Lassiter

John Heinrich

If you are looking to edit your video footage, or you'd like stage footage of your event reach out to Joe @Shocker Editing It can be individual songs turned into music videos or an entire television show.

Tennessee Songwriters Association, International


2416 Music Valley Dr, Nashville Tn 37214 #133

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