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You can now use Venmo for all your purchases at TSAI! Awards Show tickets, membership renewals, Real Country Music On Radio wristbands, donations...

Use user name.

The Songwriter Awards will be streamed LIVE on Majiik, everyone will be able to get the app.

Just text "TSAI" to 888-255-0077, click "GET", click "Activate Card" and that's it!

Our Event will show up on their schedule, and all of our events will show up under TSAI.

Streaming cost will be $10, unless noted otherwise.

Ticket are $14.50, in advance, on our website, if you're coming to the Show.

Our band this year is The Nashville Cowboy Church Band!

To members who wish to perform an original song with them, we have room for 5.

As before, cost is $100, and we need mp3, chart, and lyrics 2 weeks before the show.

Send it to, by Wednesday of THIS WEEK.

Please bring cash to the Show.

Check the website for our current list of guests,

Tinamarie and Josie from The Josie Network will be joining us too!


4/14/2021 2021 TSAI Songwriter Awards    The TTT

Streamed on Majiik, recorded for The Nashville Country Television Network NCTVN

Our band this year is The Nashville Cowboy Church Band!

Tickets are $14.50 in advance on our website.

Streaming tickets are $10, get the link from your app.

4/26/2021 TSAI Around Town Songwriter Night

Next one at The Donelson Pub, Contact Trey Ackerman at

Donelson_Pub_Writers_Night on Instagram or

We now have the 4th Monday every month! Schedule your spot now.


Remember, TSAI has Chapters in Las Vegas, Georgia, and Cincinnati. If you live close to those, contact us!

TSAI now has an active Instagram account! TSAI Nashville

And don't forget Twitter, TennesseesongW1


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