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TSAI NEWSLETTER click to open 5-23-2021


We won't have any more in-person meetings this month if folks aren't ready.

Join us June 9 for our guest Ken Mellons, in-person and Live on our facebook page.

The hit songwriter and Artist will be joining us for a songwriting workshop, discussing our craft and who knows what, so make your plans now!

You may have heard about the changes coming to The Texas Troubadour Theater.

It's exciting news, it will become a much busier and viable venue to be associated with. Our pitch meetings will stay in the Green Room for now.

And sad news, we just lost a friend of TSAI, Glenn Tubb Jr. Earnest Tubb's nephew, he wrote Two Story House, Skip-a-Rope, and so many more.

In case you haven't seen, our most recent Blog "Notes About Notes" is out!

It includes a complete run-down of The 2021 TSAI Songwriter Awards, with pictures.

You can also go to the '21 Awards Page from the home page. You can hear a live version of our new song, "Down At TSAI"!

You can still get the archived video on Majiik, if you want to watch!


5/24/2021 TSAI Around Town Songwriter Night

The Donelson Pub, Contact Trey Ackerman at

Donelson_Pub_Writers_Night on Instagram or

We now have the 4th Monday every month!

6/1/2021 TSAI Around Town Songwriter Night

The Rudder in Hendersonville, contact Steve Stern at

We have the first Tuesday each month thru September!

Book your spot soon, they'll go fast!

6/9/2021 Workshop In-person and on our fb page 7 pm

Special guest Ken Mellons


Welcome REVELE, our new Chapter leader in Colorado!

Contact her at

Remember, TSAI has Chapters in Las Vegas, Georgia, and Cincinnati, too.


A special thanks to one of our sponsors, Gretsch Guitars, for their $600 donation for The Songwriter Awards! ( feel free to match it! )


You can now use Venmo for all your purchases at TSAI! Awards Show tickets, membership renewals, Real Country Music On Radio wristbands, donations...

TSAI now has an active Instagram account! TSAI Nashville

And don't forget Twitter, TennesseesongW1


For all TSAI events streamed LIVE on Majiik, everyone is able to get the app.

Just text "TSAI" to 888-255-0077, click "GET", click "Activate Card" and that's it!

Our Event will show up on their schedule, and all of our events will show up under TSAI.

Streaming cost will be $10, to Majiik when you order, unless noted otherwise.

Most events will also be archived on Majiik, to watch at a later date, until they are ready for NCTVN.


TSAI needs help with: IT, website development, Blog writing, photography, social media, accounting, and more. If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to have you! SHARE-(Volunteer) YOUR SKILLS!

REAL COUNTRY MUSIC ON RADIO wristbands are available at

Please help us convince Radio there should be 2 separate Country music formats, Pop Country and Traditional Country

Twice as much room for all of us!



Share your talent in front of hundreds of shoppers. Email Paul

When it starts back up.

Tennessee Songwriters Association, International


2461 Music Valley Dr, Nashville Tn 37214 #133

meetings at

The Texas Troubadour Theater

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