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Quiet Lake

2024 TSAI Songwriter


Once again, Sam Ash Music
played host to a
This year, in the Main Room,
On the Big Stage!

We started off as always, with
an Invocation, this year
by Reverend Ronnie Horton,
and songs by Ronnie and
one of our co-hosts,
Lisa Daggs.

Lisa Daggs & Ronnie Horton.jpg

Paul introduced our
other co-host, Lee Newton.

Lee Newton.jpg

The music kept going with

performances by
Kyler Sullivan, and a
nominated song
by Judy Klass

Kyler Sullivan 2.jpg
Judy Klass.jpg

Lee and Paul presented
The Category 1 Award to
Judy Klass, for
“My Name Is Hope”

More music by
Randi Driscoll, and
Madison Hughes

Randi Driscoll.jpg
Madison Hughes 3.jpg

Lee and Madison presented
The Category 2 Award to

A 3-way tie!
Corey Lee Barker,
Mark Barnowski,
John Culpepper,
Mark Roma, for

Charles Wong for
“Love Her Out Loud”

Joe DeLucas,
Mark Toliusis,
Patrick Sebastian, for
“Trash-can Whiskey”

Corey Cat 2.jpg
Joe & Mark.jpg

2 more songs by
Dawn Rix

Lee and Kelsea presented
The Category 3 Award to
Paul and Kelsea for

“River Of Blessing”
(see what I did there?) ha!

Dawn Rix 2.jpg

Paul and Kelsea spoke
a bit about the things
TSAI offers, including
Tuesday night meetings
at Sam Ash, critiques,
Workshops, Pitch Nights,
TSAI’s YouTube Channel,
our channel on
Nashville Country Television
Network on Roku,
(where this Show will air),
and “Real Country Music
On Radio”, our movement to
get Country Music split into
2 separate Radio formats and
Billboard Charts, “Pop Country”
and “Traditional Country”.
Can’t think of anything
that would help
Songwriters more!

Paul and Kelsea then had the
honor of inducting
Janelle Angel, and
James Breedwell into
The TSAI Hall of Fame!

Janelle HOF3.jpg
James Breedwell HOF.jpg

Lee and Lisa then presented
The Category 4 Award to
Clare Cunningham for
“I Swear”

Clare Cunningham Cat 4 2.jpg

Lee and Lisa also presented
The Category 5 Award to
Corey Lee Barker,

Mark Barnowski,
MaryBeth Stone, and
Revele, for
“Yule-tidin’ With You”

Lee and Lisa then presented
The 2024 Song Of
The Year Award to
Judy Klass, for
“My Name Is Hope”

2 songs by Dee White,
(who is being Produced by
Tony Brown by the way)

Dee White 2.jpg

Dee, Lisa, and Lee presented
The 2024 Record/Cut of
The Year to
Corey Lee Barker,

Mark Barnowski,
MaryBeth Stone,
and Revele for
“Yule-tidin’ With You”

Then, a surprise guest! Our
friend Marty Brown came
by to see Tony Brown
and Kyler Sullivan!
He’s writing some new
songs with Kyler, can’t
wait to hear those!

And, so, we couldn’t
let him go without doing
his Tony Brown Produced
“I’m From The Country And
I Like It That Way”!
A big hit for Tracy Byrd!

Marty Brown.jpg

After a short Intermission, we
were graced with Terry McBride, of
(McBride and the Ride), and writer
of many hits by Reba,
George Strait, Garth Brooks,
Alan Jackson, 13 singles by
Brooks and Dunn, and
recently Inducted into
The Texas Songwriters HOF,
to introduce Mr. Tony Brown!
Our first TSAI Lifetime
Achievement Award winner!

Terry spoke of how influential
Tony Brown has been to
his career, and what great
friends they’ve become.

Terry McBride 2.jpg

And then our special guest,

Tony Brown!

Tony Brown 3.jpg

Lee & Lisa then presented the 41st annual TSAI Songwriter Of The Year Award to
Corey Lee Barker

Paul and Kelsea came out and thanked our
co-hosts Lee Newton
and Lisa Daggs,
Sam Ash Music,
our volunteers,
congratulated all
the winners,
and said Goodnight!

All photography
with the exception of the Category 2 Winners
Courtesy of Janet Reynolds Photography

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