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TSAI has gone digital, We are no longer using CD'S for pitches. If you are a member and would like to pitch your songs please send your flash drive, via USPS only, with 20 songs maximum to:


         2416 Music Valley Drive #133

             Nashville, TN 37214


TSAI can't guarantee we will receive any mail sent any other way besides USPS.

When there is a pitch please email your song selections to


This is what we need from you for our Pitch Playlist. 

Please include with all submissions.

A) The MP3, and lyric sheet attachment
B) All co-writers names
C) Category #, 

    1 Traditional Country
    2  Pop Country
    3  Christian/Gospel/Inspirational
    4  Rock/Pop/Rap
    5  Christmas/Childrens/Novelty
                             (regardless of genre)
D) Tempo,  Ballad, Mid, or Up
E) Male, or Female, or Duet, or Any

This info is for TSAI to compute awards, and for

Publisher's and Plugger's use.

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