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Check out all of the benefits you'll receive when joining TSAI


Weekly Newsletters

(posted as Blogs on this website)

Newsletters are packed with information, tips, ideas, updates, discounts  and other timely information.  The Weekly NL also contains info on any upcoming pitches,  letting you know what types of music they're looking for.

Our Pitch Nights are off of our Master Playlist now, not cd's.  Instructions on that page. Most are Live on ou Facebook page, too.


Weekly Workshops

Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM at TSAI Headquarters provide an opportunity for TSAI members to attend a music industry event and network with fellow songwriters. Workshops may include Critiques, Pitch-A-Pros, or "An Evening With..." 

Critique Night

Workshops include a critique night where you bring your music and receive feedback and suggestions by your peers to make your music stronger.




Pitch-A-Pro Night

Many Pitch-A-Pro Nights are held each year. This is an exceptional opportunity to pitch your songs directly to leading music industry publishers, producers, managers, record label executives and recording artists seeking your original material. 


An Evening With...

We like to bring in successful and well-known guest speakers from the music industry to answer your questions and give you their best advice. 

     Exclusive Recommendations   & Discounts

As a TSAI Member you will receive discounts on professional products and services in the industry. This includes discounts with talented demo singers and musicians.



As you can already tell, as a member of TSAI, you will receive many perks.  One of those perks is access to our regular showcases where you will have an opportunity to perform your best work.  We also host many Around Town events  and an Annual Awards event, where we honor our most accomplished songwriters.


Do you live outside of Nashville? No problem. One of the greatest and most unique benefits of TSAI membership is that out-of-town members have the opportunity to pitch at each and every Pitch-A-Pro Night at no additional cost. 


TSAI Office

It's now located in The Misstyx Studio offices, Suite 133.

It's open most week days 10-4 for writing and meetings. Many of our Events are on our Stage.

Networking has NEVER been more important than it is NOW!


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