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2019 TSAI Awards


TSAI 2019 Awards Show


2019 TSAI Awards Show

What A Night!

With Miss Devon O'day as our host, and Mr Al Brock as our MC,

both of WSM Radio, we were guided down an AMAZING trail of music.

With the legendary Texas Troubadour Theater as our as our wagon,

the festivities kicked off with a Red Carpet entrance, a social hour

complete with light fixin's, and an Invocation by Mr Russ Roberts.

Driven by Kevin Dobson and Along For The Ride Band,

the music started off with Marty Brown and his hit song

“I'm From The Country And I Like It That Way”.

(Kind'a says it all right there). Then his new single “Umbrella Lovers”,

followed by his presenting the Award for Category 1

(Traditional Country/Americana/Bluegrass/Folk) to

Mary Beth Stone and Bonnie Warren.

Songs by members Melissa Alesi, Kenneth Cole, and Brooke Butler were

followed by Mr Jeff Bates presenting the Category 2 (Contemporary Country)

Award to Marty Brown and Paul Castoe.

With all the requisite technical and legal info skillfully dispensed

by Mr Brock, we enjoyed music by Meredith and Tony. An up-date on

The Songwriters Foundation was followed by introductions

of our fantastic Board members by the wonderful, beautiful, and charming

Sheree Spoltore of Global Songwriters Connection.

And after an introduction of me I need to work hard to live up to,

I was able to thank the many volunteers, WFMCJAMS, J Raleigh Jones,

Preshias Harris, and everyone else who helped make the show possible.

After awarding our Membership Appreciation Award to Annette Barkley,

Kelsea Castoe described our effort to have Country Radio split into 2 charts,

Contemporary and Traditional. Our “Real Country Music On Radio”

wristbands are a symbol of unifying all the traditional styles of Country Music.

These are available for a donation on our website.

All this was being broadcast on, and viewed

especially by our watch party at the Sam Ash Store in Cincinnati.

Hosted by Kyle English, we're proud to announce a new TSAI Chapter

there, to join the Las Vegas Chapter of TSAI!

Around the next bend was a performance by The Music City Playboys,

songs by Jerry Collins (sung by Daryn Wright), Margarite De la Vega,

special guest Jeff Bates, and off to the Category 3 Award!

Representing Christian, Gospel, and Inspirational music, we had a tie!

Presented by Mr Russ Roberts, it was shared between Scott Marshall,

and Paul and Kelsea Castoe. Scott is an out-of -town member, too!

More songs by Steve Bridgmon, Saleenya,

Ajaye Jardine, and Mark Barnowski

led us to the Category 4 Award (Rock, Pop, Rap).

Presented by Geneva, it was won by

Dale Allen, Mark Barnowski, and Corey Lee Barker.

Record Of The Year was presented by Mr Kenneth Forte of WDKN Radio,

and it was another tie!

Merideth Blis and Erica Sunshine Lee shared this one with

Mark Barnowski and Corey Lee Barker.

An amazing performance by Mr Chris Golden was followed by

Chris presenting the Song Of The Year Award to

Dale Allen, Mark Barnowski, and Corey Lee Barker.

The culmination of our trip was the Songwriter Of The Year Award.

Presented by hit songwriter Mr Tommy Barnes,

it was won by Mark Barnowski.

We closed the evening with a rousing rendition of

Will The Circle Be Unbroken, led by Joanne Cash Yates and

featuring the whole group!

Again, I wish to thank God, all the volunteers, donors,

Board members, sponsors, and everyone else for making this

night so very special.

Paul Castoe

President, TSAI

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