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Welcome to the TSAI Awards Eligibility Rules Page.
All of your questions should be answered here. If you find they are not please contact

The TSAI Awards are made up of 5 genre categories, Song of the Year & Record/Cut of the Year.
The nominees in the 5 genre categories and the Song of the year category are based off of pickups from pitch meetings that were held the previous year.
The Record/Cut of the Year is submitted by the artist or songwriter for a song that was released for promotion, sale and/or radio play between the dates of  January 1 and December 31 of the previous year

Q: What are the 5 genre categories?

A: Category 1: Traditional Country
       Category 2: Pop Country
       Category 3: Christian, Gospel, Inspirational
       Category 4: Ro
ck, Pop, Rap, Jazz, Other
Category 5: Holiday, Novelty, Children's

Q: What is the difference between Song and Record/Cut of the Year?

A: Song of the Year are the songs in each genre category picked up the most (minimum of 2 times) in pitch meetings last year.
      Record/Cut of the Year are songs that an artist released for promotion the previous year.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of nominees per category?

A: Yes! For the 5 Genre categories and Song of the Year the TSAI Board has decided to max out the nominees at 10. For the Record/Cut of the Year there is no limit of nominees that can be submitted.

Q: What happens if there is a tie in pickup total?

A: That actually happens often. In the  event of a tie in a genre, songs will be chosen (out of a hat) by TSAI Board Members.
Example... There are 18 songs picked up last year in genre 2. 4 songs have 3 pickups & 2 songs have 2 pickups. That leaves 12 songs with 1 pickup. The TSAI Board will put the remaining 12 songs with 1 pickup in a hat and draw 4 to collect 10 nominees for that category.

Q: Do I have to be a TSAI Member to be Nominated or Submit a Song?

A: Yes & No! You have to be an active member of TSAI to pitch and submit material to song pitches and the awards show but if you cowrite a song with someone that is an active member they can pitch/submit that song on their own behalf and you are still considered a nominee.

Q: Is there a limit to how many songs or categories I can be nominated in. 

A: No! As long at the song was submitted properly during pitch meetings there is no limit. You could be a writer/co-writer on all songs in an awards category if the cards fall that way. However, You can only submit 1 song per active member to the Record/Cut of the Year Category.

Q: I'm not an active member of TSAI but I would like to be. What do I do?

A: The answer is simple become a member. Go to and click the donate tab on the home screen. Yearly Membership Fees are a $120 Donations or you can choose to Donate Monthly at $15 a Month.

Q: I just tried to become an active member and it directed me to paypal. I don't have that what do I do?

A: On the Paypal page you were directed to there are 2 options to submit funds. One says Donate with Paypal and the other underneath says Donate with Debit or Credit Card.
Select Donate with Debit or Credit and enter your payment information.

You can also come to a Tuesday Meeting at our office and give Paul or Joe a Check or Cash. We will get you set up!


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