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Quiet Lake

                            2024 Award Winners:

                                                   Category 1:
                     "My Name Is Hope" Written By: Judy Klass

Category 2:
                                             A 3 Way Tie!
"Once" Written By:   John Culpepper, Corey Lee                                      Barker, Mark Barnowski, Mark Roma       
                         "Love Her Out Loud" Written By" Charles Wong
                         "Trashcan Whiskey" Written By: Joe DeLucas, Mark                              Toliusis, Pat Sebastian                                      

Category 3:
"River Of Blessing" Written By: Paul & Kelsea                                        Castoe

                                             Category 4:
"I Swear" Written By: Clare Cunningham
Category 5:
"Yuletidin' With You" Written By: Corey Lee Barker,                             Mark Barnowski, MaryBeth Stone, Revele

Song Of The Year:
                      "My Name Is Hope" Written By: Judy Klass

                               Hall Of Fame Inductees:
Janelle Angel
                                              James Breedwell

Lifetime Achievement Award:
                                               Tony Brown    

                                   Record Of The Year:
"Yuletidin' With You"
                                                   Artist J4:
                     Written By: Corey Lee Barker, Mark Barnowski,
                     MaryBeth Stone, Revele

Songwriter Of The Year:
Corey Lee Barker



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