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Welcome to TSAI Pitch Page for 2023. All songs are put into 2 rounds and we do our best to enter them in the order we receive them. Each member receives 1 song per round but any co-writer can pitch the song. If you see repeat names it is because there are more than 1 writer. Any questions please message us

1-24 Curt Ryle Pitch A.png
1-24 Curt Ryle Pitch B.png
1-24 Curt Ryle Pitch C.png
1-24 Curt Ryle Pitch D.png
1-24 Curt Ryle Pitch E.png
1-24 Curt Ryle Pitch F.png
1-24 Curt Ryle Pitch G.png
1-24 Curt Ryle Pitch H.png
A Pitch Steve Bloch .png
B Pitch Steve Bloch.png
C Pitch Steve Bloch.png
D Pitch Steve Bloch.png
E Pitch Steve Bloch.png
F Pitch Steve Bloch.png
G Pitch Steve Bloch.png
A Pitch Rob Taube.png
B Pitch Rob Taube.png
C Pitch Rob Taube.png
D Pitch Rob Taube.png
E Pitch Rob Taube.png
F Pitch Rob Taube.png
G Pitch Rob Taube.png
0627 Rob Taube Pitch A.png
0627 Rob Taube Pitch B.png
0627 Rob Taube Pitch C.png
0627 Rob Taube Pitch D.png
0627 Rob Taube Pitch E.png
711Chas Childers PitchA.png
711Chas Childers PitchB.png
711Chas Childers PitchC.png
711Chas Childers PitchD.png
711Chas Childers PitchE.png
711Chas Childers PitchF.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd1 Pitch A.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd1 Pitch B.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd1 Pitch C.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd1 Pitch D.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd1 Pitch E.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd1 Pitch F.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd2 Pitch A.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd2 Pitch B.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd2 Pitch C.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd2 Pitch D.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd2 Pitch E.png
0815 Mc1 Rnd2 Pitch F.png
1024 Chas Pitch A.png
1024 Chas Pitch B.png
1024 Chas Pitch C.png
1024 Chas Pitch D.png
1024 Chas Pitch E.png
1024 Chas Pitch F.png
1024 Chas Pitch G.png
1024 Chas Pitch H.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch A.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch B.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch C.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch D.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch E.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch F.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch G.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch H.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch J.png
1031 Dead Horse Pitch K.png
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